All about “Love is Cool”

Special thanks to Alexandra Chrabaszcz and Dominika Bak for the album art!

Thank you Alexandra Chrabaszcz and Dominika for this beautiful album art!

“Love is Cool” was written from January 2013 through August 2013.

“Love is Cool” was recorded in 37 Studios in Rochester Hills MI from December 26th, 2013 through December 30th, 2013. It was the first time in the studio for songwriter Kamil Bednarz and here is his entire story on the adventure of recording his first album.

“So I packed my Martin guitar, my laptop and my friends bass and hit the road to Michigan. I prerecorded the tracks for the album at home, but I ended up rerecording everything in the studio because it wasn’t recorded very well in my home studio. As a guitar player and a singer, I had only one year of experience playing music. I thought I was ready to record my first record but in reality I wasn’t. I don’t know exactly what I was thinking at the time of making the decision to go to the studio, but it was the best learning experience that I have had, and it really shaped me up to be the person I am today.”

Day 1

My first day was very, whats the word, odd. I didn’t know what to expect, what to say, how to feel or anything. A 17 year old kid with barely any musical experience in a professional studio to record his first 10 song album. Pretty funny. The first day there, I met the producer of “Love is Cool” Matt Dalton. Really cool dude and I enjoyed recording with him. IMG_3193After a little chat and a get to know each other we went straight to recording. He showed me to the live room of the studio and we recorded acoustic live tracks for the entire album. He got a feel of the songs pretty quick and I spent some time recording the acoustic live tracks.
I explained how each song worked, how I wanted them to sound, and just everything about every song on the album. The first day we just recorded the live tracks for the album and got to know each other.

Day 2

The second day we took time to make click tracks for each one of the songs since the tempo of the songs had to be the same way I play them live. I never played to a click track before so it was a little difficult for me, but I did end up getting it after a couple tries. The songs “Think I’m In Love” and “Love is Cool” weren’t couldn’t play to the click. Every time I play those 2 songs, my playing is all over the place. I just feel it out and playing to a constant click was extremely difficult. The second day was all acoustic guitar recordings for all the songs.

Day 3

The third day I jumped into the vocal booth for the first time at 11am and I left the vocal booth at around 9pm. Due to the fact I had only 2 more days to record “Love is Cool” I had to record as much vocals I could in a given day. I remember starting with the song “Tonight” very strong and confident and by the fifth song which was “Pretty Girl” I was exhausted. I was seriously pushing myself when it came to the vocal recordings and when listening to the album, you can hear how almost tired my voice sounds. Also the vocal effect in the final mix that I was given did not help the sound of the album. I personally am not a big fan of the vocal effect on the record but I’ll explain that later on. I remember coming to the hotel and just going straight to bed. My voice was very very tired, it kind of hurt.

IMG_3231Day 4

Day 4 was just like day 3. Recorded vocals from 10am until 10pm. This was the longest day of vocal recording and my voice was giving up at around 2pm. I just wanted to get everything recorded and I just wanted to go back home and not sing for a week or two. That thought was at 2pm and I had 8 more hours of vocal recording left to do. We had so little time that there was literally no time to rest. I remember telling the producer to give me 5 mins while I sat down in the booth just begging God to give me the strength to finish vocal recording. My voice turned to shit so fast that it took 6 times as long to get a DECENT vocal take. Originally “Love is Cool” was supposed to be a 10 song album but it ended up being 8 songs long because we didn’t have enough time to finish the other 2 songs which were “Picture Perfect” and “Valentine.”

Day 5

At this point my vocals were so tired I was barely able to speak and I was starting to get sick. I overworked my voice and it is terrible putting my voice through so much strain but I had no other choice. I had no idea there was a limit to how much I can sing in a given day. The last day I spent a long time playing bass, piano, and electric guitar. Not enough time to finish everything perfectly though. We only had time to program drums for only 2 songs, and I was hoping to have drums on all the songs before I actually went to the studio. I had been playing piano for about a month since the day I went to the studio so my piano skills were shit as well, but I did try my best. I remember leaving the studio at 12:30am with a “I am finally done” attitude and I couldn’t be happier to finally come back home.

2 Months Later

In the beginning of March I got an email with the 8 songs in it. I remember sitting on the floor staring into my eyes in the mirror while listening to everything that I was just sent. When the last track finished I laid in my bed and just cried. I just cried my eyes out for over 30 mins, with thoughts like “Is this really how its going to end” and “should I give up trying to become a musician?” I thought about my entire musical future and how I would never reach the goals that I was aiming for. That my standards were too high and I would never reach them and just all these let down thoughts. I was ruined. But I had two options at that point. Quit right now, or keep trying.

In that stage of almost giving up I realized how much I really wanted to become a musician and how much I loved music. As only a 17 year old kid, I thought my complete carrier was over because I had a not so perfect album recorded in 5 days of studio time with only a year of experience in playing guitar, singing, and songwriting. Pretty silly to me today but I didn’t feel that way at the time. I was devastated.

But I took “Love is Cool” as something more then just a recorded album. Without the “I fucked up big time, but I can’t let that put me down” attitude I would have not become so motivated to make awesome music. My guitar playing would never change, my singing wouldn’t change, and my songwriting wouldn’t have developed like it did after making “Love is Cool.” I learned that stuff doesn’t go the way you always think it will and you can either give up after the first fail or keep pushing forward. Without knowing that deep down, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I thank God everyday for it. Everything I go through is a powerful lesson that will teach me to become a better person. “Love is Cool” is more than an album and it will always hold a dear spot in my heart.


Always a little crazy :)

Let me say one more thing about my album “Love is Cool.” The album on iTunes is NOT the album I was sent in March, where I cried about how bad it was. The album was revised many times, and there was many instrumentations added since then. I couldn’t be more proud of the album that I have released. It is a great piece of art for the collection of records that I will make in the future and a perfect way to start out my future with making music. It shows the little kid in me, who thinks he’s in love, and writing/recording his first album at 17. I can promise you this. The music will only get better. Much better. Join me on this adventure today and lets be there for each other until the very end. Much love, more music, and always real. Love everything and everyone because love is cool.

Why hate when love is cool? : )

Thank you <3


PS: If you can’t afford spending money on my music or you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on my album, please convert it off YouTube or download it off a free music downloading website. I just want you to listen to my record and maybe it will help you through rough times or inspire you to do wonders in this world. Music is a powerful tool and it is a great way of bringing back memories and people closer together. Share with friends and family!

*I do NOT condone piracy. Download my music for free but purchase everyone else’s art*

Inside My Circle EP


Thanks to a great friend for this amazing art work!

“Inside My Circle” is a new project that we will be working on for the next couple months. This is the first release of music that will be recorded with the full band.

“Love is Cool” was recorded and written all by Kamil on his own so this is the first release as a band. All the music will be recorded in Kamil’s home studio and it will also be mixed and mastered by Kamil as well.

“This is the first release I am producing myself and I am very excited because I’m going to have a chance to work on some new songs I’ve written, and record them with the band” says Kamil. “I love being in the studio and recording new songs and trying out new ideas! The official songs aren’t picked out yet and I am still writing everyday. Its exciting to know a song I wrote a couple nights before recording might make it on the EP.”

This EP will be exclusive to all the people who are subscribed to The Lost Pearls newsletter. The EP will be 4 songs long and will be released in the near future for free. If you are subscribed, you will be sent an email that a new song from the EP is out and you will be able to download it instantly from the sent email. You won’t find the songs anywhere else so subscribe!

photo: home studio

Kamil’s home studio where “Inside My Circle” is being recorded.